Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Casita Travel Blogs

Since we retired in late 2006 we have taken long trips in our Casita travel trailer each year. We have kept blogs of these trips describing where we were every day and what we did. We also include lots of pictures. Clicking on a picture will display a larger version of it.  By default the posts are displayed by the Blogger software in reverse order. If you want to see the blog postings in chronological order you have to select the dates on the "Blog Archive" displayed to the right.

Here are the blogs:

Casita Trip to the Northwest
Casita Trip to Louisiana
Casita Trip to the Desert

2017: No trips due to moving to a new house

2016: Casita Trip to Colorado

2015: Casita Trip East

2014: No long trip due to family health issues

2013: Casita Trip to California

2012: Casita Trip to the Great Lakes

2011: Casita Trip to Maine

2010: Casita Trip to Alaska

2009: Casita Trip to the Dakotas

2008: Casita Trip to Oregon

2007: Casita Trip West

Jim and Carolyn
Houston, Texas